Featured Voices — 28 September 2011
SPP: Why Pretty Preggie gives back

I learned that life was not all about me at a very early age.

A Girl’s Gift finale banquet Mother-Daughter pledge. Our Girls dress in beautiful white gowns and dresses. Mother’s Day 2011 at the Ritz-Charles (Carmel, IN).

By Deshong Perry Smitherman, Secondhand Pretty Preggie

In the eyes of society, I became an adult at the tender age of 16 – when I gave birth to my first child.  Though I was her mother, there were so many hands that rocked her cradle, changed her diapers and made sure she had something more than Kool-Aid and chicken nuggets in her belly each night (did I mention I was 16?).

Thanks to the hands in that supportive family unit, I finished high school on time, then went on to graduate from college and graduate school.

Because I had so many people in my corner, I have always felt the need to give back – specifically to young girls.  However, the selfish part of me just wouldn’t consistently  find the time.  That is, until about three years ago when Ericka Gibson and I worked together to build a nonprofit called A Girl’s Gift Inc.  It is an amazing organization that mentors Indy-area girls, teaches them how to embark on the road toward entrepreneurship, and exposes them to careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Read more about how Pretty Preggie is helping young girls be all they can be …

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